How To Make Italian Soffritto


Each cuisine has a version of a soffritto used as the base for soups, stews, and sauces. In Italian, it’s spelled soffritto and is derived from the verb soffriggere which means ‘under-fried’ or ‘fried slowly’. However, each culture has its own unique spelling, name, and/or ingredients for soffritto. For example, in Hispanic cuisine, you can … Read more

Visit Sila


Calabria boasts over 500 miles of pristine coastline, however, a visit to Sila National Park deserves a few days on your next trip to Italy. Driving along the Ionian coast can make you feel as if you’re experiencing everything Calabria has to offer, but that’s just a fraction of what the region has to offer. … Read more

How To Cook With Olive Oil


“Can you cook with extra virgin olive oil?”. It’s a question we hear from consumers regularly. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of misinformation out there about olive oil, especially extra virgin, so let’s first get a few things cleared up. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most heavily researched foods on the planet. In … Read more

How To Bake With Olive Oil


Customers and clients often ask us if they can bake with olive oil. Which is usually followed by the question of how to bake with olive oil. That’s usually followed by a question of if its actually affordable to bake with olive oil and how to choose the right one. Today we’ll break down the … Read more

Filtered vs Unfiltered Olive Oil

Filtered vs Unfiltered Olive Oil

Customers often ask us about the difference between filtered vs unfiltered olive oil. Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of olive oil consumption, and with that has come webpages upon webpages of misinformation about the product. Both products are delicious and have an appropriate time and place … Read more

Visit Capri, Italy


Nothing closes out the summer holiday season like a visit to Capri. With epic mountain and seascape views and buildings perched perfectly into the hills, it’s a magical place and definitely worth a visit. Capri is known for being ultra-exclusive, touristy, and filled to the gills with celebrities at peak season. Thankfully, during our visit, … Read more

Gragnano Pasta


We went to Gragnano, Italy to take a close look at the world of Gragnano Pasta and it was a dream! One of the absolute best parts of spending extended time in Italy is having friends that can always help us plan and prepare for trips. This was no exception. We went to Gragnano with … Read more

Visit Sorrento, Italy


A visit to Sorrento towards the end of peak tourist season is truly a treat! It has the amenities of a small city with the energy of a small town. With gorgeous seaside views, a busy port, and incredible cafes, 4 days in Sorrento felt like a mini escape before we hit harvest hard. How … Read more

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