Visit Reggio Calabria, Italy


Visit Reggio Calabria Located near the southernmost tip of Italy, Reggio Calabria is one of the most beautiful and unexpected cities in Italy. Upon arrival it may not look like much but a leisurely stroll down the lungomare, through the neighborhoods, and a visit to the Cathedral might just change your mind. There’s a particular … Read more

Tomato Toast Recipe

This tomato toast was way too beautiful to not receive its own dedicated post and mini recipe. Is it breakfast, a snack, or technically bruschetta? How about today we skip labels and enjoy life. Putting The Toast Together This toast is composed of bread, ricotta, and slightly blackened roasted tomatoes. Make sure the ricotta is … Read more

Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

This is a recipe for roasted tomatoes, which kind of sounds like it’s a recipe for tomato confit. But it’s not as we don’t really cook the tomatoes low and slow. We created slightly charred, melt-in-your-mouth tomatoes that can be spread on bread or remixed into Pasta al Pomodoro 2.0. The garlic can still be … Read more

Tomato Salad Recipe (Insalata di Pomodoro)

There are few things that scream summer more than this tomato salad recipe. This is actually a riff on Lina’s Insalata di Pomodoro Calabrese recipe. The underripe tomatoes, peperoncino, and mix of basil and oregano make a ‘sauce’ you’ll want to drink straight out of the bowl! Making Tomato Salad With Green Tomatoes We’re partial … Read more

Pasta With Tomato Sauce Recipe (Pasta al Pomodoro 2.0)

Pasta with tomato sauce is one of the classics. It’s a dish we all know and (mostly) love. And to be honest it’s a perfect dish. While we have absolutely zero qualms about making and eating the same dish over and over (looking at you Pasta Aglio e Olio), there’s always room for experimentation. Especially … Read more

Very Vert Lentils With Crispy Mustard Chicken

**Excerpted from One-Bowl Meals by Maria Zizka (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2021.** very vert lentils with crispy mustard chicken Recipe French green lentils base + crispy mustard chicken + spinach + watercress sauce In this very green bowl, little French green lentils (sometimes called lentilles du Puy) are topped with leafy spinach and a vibrant … Read more

Fried Zucchini Fritters Recipe (Frittelle di Zucchine)


The much-anticipated zucchini fritters recipe is finally here and it’s an especially good one! Zucchini fritters, or Frittelle di Zucchine as they’re called in Calabria, are one of our favorite ways to use up the abundance of zucchini we accumulate each summer. The funny thing is we don’t grow zucchini. We just keep buying and … Read more

Pesto di Zucchine Recipe

Pesto Season It’s pesto season and today professional pasta maker Alessandra Lauria is sharing her pesto di zucchine recipe! Pesto is one of those sauces that’s nearly impossible to mess up. With basil season upon us that also means it’s time to start making this incredible sauce. There are many different types of pesto. Some … Read more

Olive Inflorescence and Pollination

What are Olive Inflorescences? Olive Inflorescences are the fruiting shoots of the olive tree. Each inflorescence will have 10 to 30 flowers, depending on the characteristics of the tree. As even amateur gardeners could tell you though, a flower doesn’t always grow into fruit. Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the importance of Olive … Read more

Fried Artichoke Hearts Recipe (Carciofi Fritti)

After Holiday season there’s one thing we particularly look forward to eating and that’s fried artichoke hearts (carciofi fritti). Everyone in Italy seems to be making artichokes on social right now. And well, it’s because artichokes are literally everywhere. Artichoke Season in the Northern Hemisphere Artichoke season in the northern hemisphere is from February to … Read more

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