Pasta al Pomodoro Recipe

Pasta al Pomodoro Recipe Pasta al pomodoro is one of the most famous Italian dishes. The dish was created in Naples, south Italy by Ippolito Cavalcanti in the early 1800’s. The original Pasta al pomodoro was called “Vermicelli Al Pomodoro”, vermicelli being “real spaghetti”, thicker and with a longer cooking time in respect to today’s … Read more

Rosemary Focaccia Recipe


The perfect focaccia is light, doughy, salty, sweet, and warm. The top is a gentle, golden brown with the toppings cooked to perfection. It’s one of those foods that must be made extremely well in order for it to be good. We’ve all had an overly doughy, chewy, and dense focaccia. And to be honest, … Read more

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