Fried Artichoke Hearts Recipe (Carciofi Fritti)

After Holiday season there’s one thing we particularly look forward to eating and that’s fried artichoke hearts (carciofi fritti). Everyone in Italy seems to be making artichokes on social right now. And well, it’s because artichokes are literally everywhere. Artichoke Season in the Northern Hemisphere Artichoke season in the northern hemisphere is from February to … Read more

Fettuccine with Porcini Mushrooms (Fettuccine ai Funghi Porcini)

fettuccine with porcini mushroom

We shared photos of this fettuccine with porcini mushrooms on social media and our inbox imploded, everyone wanted the recipe. Well, we do love a good white sauce and porcini mushrooms are delicious regardless if they’re dried, frozen, or at their peak freshness in the fall so here you go! How To Find Good Porcini … Read more

Patate e Peperoni Recipe AKA Patate e Pipi (Potatoes and Bell Peppers)

Patate e Peperoni Recipe Patate e Peperoni, Sardella, N’duja, Fressurata, Pasta al Forno, Parmigiana, Vrasciole. These are the foods we think of when someone says the word Calabria. But let’s be clear, Patate e Peperoni is at the top of that list. Patate e Peperoni translates to potatoes and peppers. However, you might see this … Read more

Simple Salad Dressing

Simple Salad Dressing Yes, we eat a lot of pasta, however, we also eat a lot of salad! As long as there’s olive oil on at least one thing on the table we’re good. This simple salad dressing is light, simple, and perfect for everyday use. Can we tell you something? We aren’t big fans … Read more

Best Italian Fried Meatballs (Vrasciole)

italian fried meatballs

These are the best Italian fried meatballs and in Calabria they’re called vrasciole. Italians love meatballs including them in soups, pasta al forno, and more. In south Italy, they usually boil meatballs in soup or fry them in olive oil. What Are Italian Meatballs? Italian meatballs are usually made with lean ground beef, parmigiano reggiano, … Read more

Orecchiette with Broccoli (Orecchiette con Broccoli)


This orecchiette with broccoli recipe (orecchiette con broccoli) feels incredibly indulgent! This dish is from Puglia, a beautiful southern region. Puglia occupies the heel of the boot, separated from Calabria by the region of Basilicata. Puglia is famous for its incredible seafood, especially clams and mussels. It’s also famous for its cheeses, bread, and olive … Read more

Pasta con Pancetta e Zucchine Recipe (Pasta with Pancetta and Zucchini)


Pasta con Pancetta e Zucchine Recipe (Pasta with pancetta and zucchini) Giuseppe’s mom made us pasta con pancetta e zucchini during our visit to Calabria in 2019. Although we visit 1-2 times per year we don’t usually repeat recipes. Some exceptions for repeat recipes are seppie fritte (fried cuttlefish), parmigiana, pizza, and patate e peperoni … Read more

Pizza Margherita Recipe (Pizza Dough Recipe)

Pizza Margherita Recipe The History of Pizza Pizza is a part of Italy’s cultural human heritage. There were different pizza movements, especially during the 500s and 600s including a soft pizza dough served with cheese, basil leaves, and black pepper. The Modern era of pizza was born in 1700 in the region of Naples, Italy. … Read more

Pasta all’Amatriciana Recipe

Pasta all’Amatriciana Pasta all’Amatriciana is one of those dishes that just ‘feels right’. It’s a Roman classic, but made in households throughout the entire country because it’s delicious, easy, and uses two of Italy’s favorite ingredients: pork and tomatoes. Like most recipes in Italian cooking, high-quality ingredients are a must. If you can, grab some … Read more