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2021 Harvest No.9 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2021 Harvest No.9 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Italian Extra Virign Olive Oil

Harvested: 12/2021, Bottled: 12/2021


How To Use

A cooking, jarring, and baking oil.


101.4 fl. oz. (3L) metal tin with integrated pourer for easy use.


5.90" x 3.64" x 10.24"

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place.

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Use This Oil For

Cooking, frying, baking, and jarring.

The No.9 is ideal for cooking in large batches or for many people.

About The No.9

Produced with late harvest olives, the No.9 is for those who can never seem to get enough olive oil. While slightly pungent, this extra virgin olive oil is milder because the olives are harvested when they are ripe (purple) making it ideal for baking sweets.

This is for the avid cooks, bakers, jarrers, and kitchen experimenters!

  • 100% produced in south Italy

    All of our olives are grown in beautiful Calabria, south Italy where they benefit from the mediterranean weather, their native climate.

  • Quality Control

    We produce exclusively with high-quality extra virgin olive oil, working with a chemist and agronomist year round to guarantee the quality of our products.