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*This is a digital product*

A virtual olive oil tasting with Founders Skyler Mapes and Giuseppe Morisani.

60 minutes Tasting Includes:

  • intro to olive oil
  • intro to Calabria
  • harvesting methods
  • milling
  • olive oil tasting (*oil not included)
  • questions + discussion

Virtual tastings will be conducted over Zoom. After purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link that allows you to schedule a day/time for the tasting. The email will also include next steps and ‘supplies’ list.

*If for some reason you do not recieve an email please contact us at [email protected]*


  • There is a limit of (2) people per private tasting. This is not intended for (or ideal) for large groups. For larger classes or corporate events please contact [email protected]
  • Oil must be purchased separately. If you’ve already purchased EXAU oils you can purchase this tasting separately. If you have not purchased oil we ask that you purchase at least (1) so we can have a successful tasting. Please allow at least (8) business days for oils to arrive before scheduling.
  • We ask that you book your tasting within (30) calendar days of purchase. We’re operating tastings on a monthly schedule. If none of the available dates are compatible with your schedule please email us.
  • A minimum of (48) hours is required for cancellations and/or rescheduling.
  • This product may be purchased as a gift. We ask that you limit your purchase to (2).
  • During the tasting no vulgar and / or offensive anti-LGBTQ or racist language will be tolerated, under penalty of interruption of the lesson without the possibility of reimbursement.

Please contact [email protected] with additional questions.

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