Tomato Toast Recipe

This tomato toast was way too beautiful to not receive its own dedicated post and mini recipe. Is it breakfast, a snack, or technically bruschetta? How about today we skip labels and enjoy life. Putting The Toast Together This toast is composed of bread, ricotta, and slightly blackened roasted tomatoes. Make sure the ricotta is … Read more

Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

This is a recipe for roasted tomatoes, which kind of sounds like it’s a recipe for tomato confit. But it’s not as we don’t really cook the tomatoes low and slow. We created slightly charred, melt-in-your-mouth tomatoes that can be spread on bread or remixed into Pasta al Pomodoro 2.0. The garlic can still be … Read more

Traditional Bruschetta Recipe


Traditional Bruschetta Recipe Traditional Bruschetta is a typical Italian farmer dish. Widespread in Italy, it was born for the necessity of farmers to preserve bread. Nowadays it is mostly served as a fast appetizer. The name bruschetta originates from the ancient Roman “brusco” which means “toasted” and was prepared as a toasted bread with olive oil. You have to … Read more