What Does EVOO Mean


You may have seen it on websites or menus and wondered what does EVOO mean. It's an acronym for a product in pretty much every grocery store in North America.

What Does EVOO Mean

EVOO is the English acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

So next time you see EVOO on a menu, website, or social media post know they're just talking about extra virgin olive oil.

What Does OO Mean

OO is the English acronym for Olive Oil. While all EVOO is technically olive oil, not all olive oil is extra virgin. Read more about what makes a product extra virgin here.

What Does EVO Mean

EVO is the Italian acronym for Extra Virgine di Oliva.

It's very common to see EVO on menus in Italy, often in reference to the ingredients in a salad dressing or the finishing product used for a particular dish. They even make EVO gelato!

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