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EXAU Gift Card

EXAU Gift Card

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For Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lovers

This gift card is a perfect purchase for a celebration with family, friends, or colleagues.

Need a gift card with a larger amount? Contact us and let us know!

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The Perfect Gift!

Family, friends, coworkers, employees, or a neighbor. You can't really go wrong with a gift card. And who doesn't like olive oil?

  • Quality Contol

    We exclusively produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil from olives grown on our estate or neighboring properties. All oils go through lab testing. We also work with an agronomist, chemist, and biologist year round to ensure our trees are in great health.

    The truth about Italian olive oil 
  • Olive Oil Education

    We are a resource for you in the world of olive oil! And invite you to explore our olive oil 101 section where you'll likely find answers to your questions about extra virgin olive oil.

    Read more about olive oil