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At EXAU Olive Oil, we specialize in the production of Italian extra virgin olive oil. EXAU was founded by us, Giuseppe & Skyler, a 3rd generation Calabrian olive oil producer and a 3rd generation Californian. Combined, we have experience in the wine, design, and health industries, but our real passion lives in the olive groves.

Starting EXAU was the perfect opportunity to bring Calabria and California together. Giuseppe’s family has been producing high-quality olive oil from their seaside estate for almost 100 years, and Skyler is passionate about agriculture and olive oil education. By melding traditional techniques with modern marketing (and a good dose of Calabrian stubbornness), we’re proud to be disrupting an industry.

EXAU marries the modern culinary needs of Americans with 80+ years of Calabrian tradition. We are honored to have become an internationally recognized brand and to produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Read more here.

One Avus, one Lina, and one Turi. 

One Lina and one Turi.

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Harvested: 10/2021, Bottled: 11/2021

Tasting Notes
Nose: Opens with green olives, followed by almond, fresh-cut grass. Aromatic herbs and hints of tomato leaf.
Mouth: Well-balanced bitterness with a firm sensation of chicory and bitter almond.
Finish: Persistent bitter almond.
Pairing: Bruschetta, vegetables, baked fish, chicken, red meat and gamey meat.



Harvested: 10/2021, Bottled: 11/2021

Tasting Notes
Nose: Fruitiness of olives harvested at the correct time of ripeness. Opens with sensations of ripe banana followed by almond, hints of exotic fruits.
Mouth: Bitter, opens with green banana followed with sensations of bitter almond.
Finish: Spicy pepper, notes of exotic fruit.
Pairing: Legumes, mushrooms, artichokes, strong soup, grilled red meat and gamey meat.



Harvested: 10/2021, Bottled: 11/2021

Tasting Notes
Nose: Fruitiness of olives harvested green, sensations of green pepper followed by apple, fresh almond, hints of exotic fruit.
Mouth: Light sensation of lettuce followed by bitter almond and strong arugula, black pepper.
Finish: Sensations of fresh fruit.
Pairing: Pasta with tomatoes, pasta with seafood, rabbit, delicate cheese, light soup.

"Even with the increased demand that the Oprah effect brought to EXAU, the ethical practices that don’t always blend with sudden fast business growth will always reign supreme for Mapes."
"In spite of these odds, Mapes and Morisani have two aims: to raise the profile of the robust southern Italian olive-growing region and to pave the way for the success of a small Black-owned business in the U.S."
La Cucina Italiana
"From Rome to Calabria to Texas, with a platter of eggplant parmigiana in between, Skyler Mapes and Giuseppe Morisani have poured their love into an olive oil adventure."

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