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Produced in Calabria, Italy

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A Celebration Of Olives

At EXAU Olive Oil, we specialize in the production of Italian extra virgin olive oil. EXAU was founded by us, Giuseppe & Skyler, a 3rd generation Calabrian olive oil producer and a 3rd generation Californian. Combined, we have experience in the wine, design, and health industries, but our real passion lives in the olive groves.

Starting EXAU was the perfect opportunity to bring Calabria and California together. Giuseppe’s family has been producing high-quality olive oil from their seaside estate for almost 100 years, and Skyler is passionate about agriculture and olive oil education. By melding traditional techniques with modern marketing (and a good dose of Calabrian stubbornness), we’re proud to be disrupting an industry.

EXAU marries the modern culinary needs of Americans with 80+ years of Calabrian tradition. We are honored to have become an internationally recognized brand and to produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Read more here.

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Zucchini Fritters

What They Say

“All 3 of the oils, Turi, Lina, and Avus are unbelievably delicious. Just found myself killing the bottle of Lina faster than the others.”


“Turi has been one of my favorite oils to use with summer fruits. It has such a clean leafy scent that just tastes fresh. It is an oil that reminds me of summer. I splash this over tomatoes, garlic and salt, drizzle over grapefruit, honey and mint or pour over spicy arugula, balsamic vinegar and burrata.”


“The EXAU Avus and Lina are my go to olive oils while in the states! They are bold and delicious but also light enough to use on just about any dish. I also appreciate that the production is from a small town in untouched Calabria.”


the turi
pair with:
Bruschetta, vegetables, baked fish, chicken,
red meat and gamey meat.

the lina
pair with: Legumes, mushrooms, artichokes, strong soup, grilled red meat and gamey meat.

the avus
pair with: Pasta with tomatoes, pasta with seafood, rabbit, delicate cheese, light soup.

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