About Us

EXAU Olive Oil specializes in the production of high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil and was founded by us, husband and wife, Giuseppe and Skyler. Giuseppe worked in the health industry for 15 years and is a 3rd generation olive oil producer from Calabria, South Italy. Skyler is a 3rd generation Californian with a passion for design and winemaking.

In 2016 Giuseppe suggested we start an olive oil company. While Skyler was working in the wine industry she fell in love with the fast pace of the cellar. Giuseppe grew up in campagna (countryside) surrounded by olive trees and his family has been producing premium olive oil for almost 100 years. EXAU was the perfect opportunity to bring our worlds together. We moved back to Calabria for 7 months to start our business and produce oil. We named the company EXAU Olive Oil, and together created an Internationally recognized award-winning olive oil company.

From Calabria to Texas, The Best of Both Worlds

EXAU is the marriage between the modern culinary needs of Americans and 75+ years of Calabrian craftsmanship. We make some of the best olive oil in the world because we have the experience, patience, and stubborn Calabrian dedication to amazing food.

South Italy produces 84% of the olive oil in Italy. Calabria produces 33% of the olive oil in all of Italy. We bring customers the highest quality product from a region that has mastered the art of making high-quality EVOO.

We are all becoming increasingly concerned about the source of our food, proper farming techniques, and the integrity of the products we are feeding our families. Calabria is a wild place, and by wild we mean the plants literally grow wild, without any GMO’s, toxic chemicals, or any other junk you don’t want in your food.

Each year we travel to Calabria to harvest, press, bottle, and import our oils, selling directly to customers like you. Our oils are made with estate-grown, hand-picked olives. At EXAU we manage every step of the process down to how the trees are cut.

We truly hope you enjoy our oils! Don’t forget to subscribe and shop our products here.

-Skyler & Giuseppe, Founders