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The Olive Oil Enthusiast Book - SIGNED COPY

The Olive Oil Enthusiast Book - SIGNED COPY

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The Olive Oil Enthusiast is a comprehensive, practical introduction to the often misunderstood world of olive oil—with recipes for appetizers, pasta, sauces, and desserts—from the founders and producers of the acclaimed EXAU Olive Oil brand.


Hardcover book


6 1/4" x 8 1/4" (16cm x 21cm)

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A Book for Olive Oil Enthusiasts

Humans have produced and enjoyed olive oil for thousands of years, but education about olive oil is woefully lacking. After meeting and falling in love with an American on holiday, then moving to the U.S., Giuseppe Morisani was shocked to discover that quality olive oil was not appreciated or even available in many parts of the United States.

He was raised among his family’s seaside olive groves in Calabria, Italy, so when he and his wife, Skyler Mapes, decided to demystify the industry, they moved to Calabria and began harvesting, producing, packaging, and exporting high-quality Italian olive oil.

The Olive Oil Enthusiast is a clear, approachable guide to the world of olive oil, starting with a walk through the olive groves during growing season to harvesting the olives to the milling and production processes.

There are tips for shopping for, tasting, using, and storing olive oil. Mapes and Morisani also include twenty recipes for dishes that showcase olive oil, such as Crocchette di Patate (fried potato croquettes), Pasta Aglio e Olio (pasta with garlic and olive oil), Olive Oil Brownies, and tasty Bruschetta.

With charming illustrations and passionate author expertise, readers will discover a new appreciation for a classic ingredient.

A Note From The Authors

To our incredible readers and customers,

We worked on The Olive Oil Enthusiast for a little over two years and it’s everything we wish we could’ve told you over a private tasting, a dinner, or a walk through our olive groves. This book takes you step by step through the ancient and often confusing world of olive oil and we are your guides.

We hope you enjoy reading our book, making and sharing the recipes, and with each chapter gain a clearer understanding of the way we produce, see, and use olive oil every single day. Thank you for your continued support.

Un grande abbraccio (a big hug),

-Giuseppe and Skyler, Founders of EXAU and Authors of The Olive Oil Enthusiast

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Made in Italy

All EXAU olive oil is made in Calabria, Southern Italy where our family has been growing olives along the Ionian coast for almost 100 years. The trees benefit from the Mediterranean weather, their native climate.

Our trees range in age from 3 to 100 years old planted over three different generations. We also source fruit from other small, family-owned estates.

Read more about how we make our cooking fats.

100% family-owned & female led

Who Produces EXAU Olive Oils?

We do! Our founders, Giuseppe and Skyler are both olive farmers and producers. We exclusively use fruit grown on family-owned estates in Italy to produce EXAU EVOO.

Our book, The Olive Oil Enthusiast, is a dedication to our favorite cooking fat and a reliable resource for our industry!