Pasta With Tomato Sauce Recipe (Pasta al Pomodoro 2.0)

Pasta with tomato sauce is one of the classics. It’s a dish we all know and (mostly) love. And to be honest it’s a perfect dish. While we have absolutely zero qualms about making and eating the same dish over and over (looking at you Pasta Aglio e Olio), there’s always room for experimentation. Especially when it comes to sauce.

Let’s call this pasta al pomodoro 2.0. She doesn’t live in the shadow of the original recipe. She’s the ‘fun’ cousin who visits during holidays. This is the pasta with tomato sauce you make when you have the sweetest tomatoes of the summer, bursting with flavor and teetering on the edge of becoming dessert.

Start with Good Oil

The base of a truly excellent pasta with tomato sauce recipe is the olive oil because the oil acts as a vehicle to transport the notes of garlic into each bite. It sounds cheesy but we've made this dish hundreds of times and it rings true every time! Plus, once you drop the tomatoes into the sizzling hot oil they'll slightly caramelize and get well... sweet. And who doesn't like sweet tomatoes?!

For this dish we recommend the Turi, Avus, or even the No.9. The Lina might be a lil' too strong. If the oil you'd like to purchase is sold out explore our olive oil sets, there's no such thing as too much oil : )

Super Saucy Pasta with Tomato Sauce

This sauce is extremely saucy. The reason being, we use the immersion blender to blend these jammy tomatoes into the consistency of tomato soup. Actually, you could probably use this sauce base for tomato soup, but we won’t go down that rabbit hole today.

Blending this sauce heightens the flavor profiles of each ingredient immensely. The garlic, which we usually keep whole, lends a deep jammy flavor. The basil almost tastes concentrated. This sauce is very much like a bisque but there isn’t any cream.

You might have some leftover sauce in your bowl or the pan. Whip out the bread and ‘fa la scarpetta’, this is not the moment to choose between pasta or bread. 

The Garlic

We keep the garlic clove whole or in large chunks in almost all of our recipes and this is no exception. The reason being that when garlic is kept whole it gets jammy and flavors the oil which then flavors the food. When garlic is finely sliced or chopped it burns extremely quickly. It also doesn’t develop the velvety smooth texture or simply lend flavors to the food.

Garlic is an incredible ingredient but it should complement a dish, not overpower it. Keep the clove in large pieces as it will eventually get blended up after it has sweetened through the cooking process.

Salting The Tomato Sauce

We do not heavily salt this tomato sauce because it’s quite sweet and rich. But feel free to salt to taste later in the cooking process, like when you add the basil. Don’t forget the pasta water is also salted so don’t overdo it.

Mixing And Timing

For this dish especially, the pasta should finishing cooking in the tomato sauce with a few ladles of pasta water. This will allow the pasta to absorb the sauce, concentrating every bite. It’s better to pull the pasta early from the water and into the sauce than too late to avoid overcooking in the sauce and the pasta becoming mushy. DO NOT DISCARD THE PASTA WATER. That starchy water is your life raft if there isn’t enough liquid in the pan.

Usually, when we pull pasta from the pot into the sauce it’s still quite undercooked which is 100% okay. Be sure to use a timer for this recipe as 1 minute does make a difference when cooking the pasta.

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This is by far the best tomato sauce recipe I‘ve ever tried. It works everytime and tastes amazing! Everyone loves it and I recommend it often. Thanks so much!


This recipe is so amazing! My husband and I felt like we were being transported back to Italy after making it. This is definitely a winner and will be in the rotation for sure!

Dayna Trotta

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