Simple Salad Dressing

Yes, we eat a lot of pasta, however, we also eat a lot of salad! As long as there’s olive oil on at least one thing on the table we’re good.

This simple salad dressing is light, simple, and perfect for everyday use. Can we tell you something? We aren’t big fans of salads with lots of ingredients. We don’t need all 10 toppings or 15 ingredients in the salad dressing. We love to let food be. To let the natural flavors of food shine.

Romaine and little gem have beautiful, subtle flavors and we don’t want to distract from those flavors by creating an overpowering dressing.

Also, complex salads are something Italians can’t quite understand. With so many ingredients it becomes ‘heavy’ and not ‘digestible’ and Italians, especially Calabrians, are very big on digestion. Which makes us wonder, why are we adding so many ingredients to a food that is supposed to be gentle on the gut?

When we make salad it is just lettuce and a beautiful dressing. Occasionally we’ll add some parmigiano romano or pickled veggies but for this super simple salad dressing simple lettuce will do.

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