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2023 Harvest Lina (Free Shipping)

2023 Harvest Lina (Free Shipping)

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Extra virgin olive oil

Produced in Calabria, Italy
Harvested: 10/2023
Cultivar(s): Coratina & Leccino

Polyphenols: 897 mg/kg


How To Use

This oil can be used as a cooking or finishing oil. It also makes a wonderful gift.


16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml) DOP glass bottle with matching DOP plastic top and integrated pourer for easy use.



Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

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  • Lina Flavor Profiles

    NOSE: Fruitiness of olives harvested green. Opens with sensations of fresh cut grass, green banana followed by bitter almond.

    MOUTH: Bitter, opens with wild herbs followed with sensations of bitter almond, chicory.

    FINISH: Fresh walnut.

    PAIRING: Gamey meat, red meat, bbq, legumes.

  • Turi Flavor Profiles

    NOSE: Fruitiness of olives harvested green, opens with sensations of tomato leaf, followed by lettuce, aromatic herbs, fresh-cut grass, and thistle.

    MOUTH: Well-balanced, with sensations of radish, apple, and fresh almond.

    FINISH: Fresh almond, apple.

    PAIRING: Bruschetta with tomato, baked fish, chicken, and pasta with sea food.

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  • Avus Flavor Profiles

    NOSE: Fruitiness of olives harvested green. Opens with sensations of green tomato, followed with sensations of artichoke, aromatics herbs, sage, radish, and thistle.

    MOUTH: Light sensations of lettuce, green tomato, green apple, artichoke, and radish.

    FINISH: Sensations of green apple, fresh almond, and spicy pepper.

    PAIRING: Pasta with tomatoes, toasted sourdough bread, and steamed vegetables.

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About the Lina

The Lina is a tribute to Giuseppe’s mother. Located 4 kilometers from the Ionian sea and 80 meters above sea level, these 10-year-old Coratina trees are perched on a hillside of stone and clay within a closed valley.

The wind currents flow down from the mountains to the lowland hills bringing fresh pollen and clean air helping to naturally pollinate all of the trees located within the valley.

Originally from Puglia, Coratina thrives in the mild coastal climate of Calabria creating a poised and distinguishable terroir.

we're a small business!

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Give the gift of delicious olive oil to your friends, family, colleagues, or yourself!

Gift wrapping includes:

  • Bottle wrapped in custom EXAU tissue paper
  • Custom white EXAU box
  • Box filled with crinkle paper
  • Custom FAQ card

The recipient will experience the joy of unwrapping a present once a gift wrapped order arrives on their doorstep!

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a brand you can trust

Made in Italy

All EXAU olive oil is made in Calabria, Southern Italy where our family has been growing olives along the Ionian coast for almost 100 years. The trees benefit from the Mediterranean weather, their native climate.

Our trees range in age from 3 to 100 years old planted over three different generations. We also source fruit from other small, family-owned estates.

Read more about how we make our cooking fats.

100% family-owned & female led

Who Produces EXAU Olive Oils?

We do! Our founders, Giuseppe and Skyler are both olive farmers and producers. We exclusively use fruit grown on family-owned estates in Italy to produce EXAU EVOO.

Our book, The Olive Oil Enthusiast, is a dedication to our favorite cooking fat and a reliable resource for our industry!

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil available to consumers. It must have a free fatty acid of less than 0.8%, peroxide below 20, and be free of sensory defects.

Extra virgin olive oil is produced with healthy and fresh olives harvested from the olive tree. The olive fruit is crushed and milled (pressed) before entering the centrifuge, a machine that separates olive oil from vegetable water and solids. Fresh oil exits the mill which is then filtered and bottled.

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